Managing Through a CRM System

When we go do a demonstration of our system to sales mangers many of them tell us that they want a tool that can show them what their sales team is doing. Some of these sales managers want a tool that can track every minute of a salesperson’s day – they want sales call reports and activity reports. Many employees think that a CRM system is just a tracking tool used by managers to track their day to day activity.
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Stop Making Your Customers Wait!

Like most of us our customers hate waiting. Having to wait for a long time on the phone or waiting for a response on the internet or via email is extremely frustrating for customers and this could be reason why they may stop doing business with you.
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Do you have a Google AdWords account?

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses that would want to have an advert displayed on Google and its advertising networks.
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BluWave Business Intelligence (BI) in Your Organisation

Use BluWave BI to mine the data in BluWave crm and BluWave Service. Your BluWave cloud stores your private marketplace data. Use BluWave BI to extract powerful information that will enable your sale & marketing management to make strategic sales & marketing decisions.
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Geocoding and Mapping now built into BluWave CRM

BluWave CRM automatically geocodes (adds latitude and longitude) to each customer as the physical address is entered. This will allow you to draw up a report of that reflects the location of all completed face to face actives. Sales reps can also draw travel claim reports making it easier for them to claim back travel expenses at the end of the month.
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Steps to ensure you get success out of your email marketing campaigns

E-mail Marketing: Every email sent to a potential or current lead could be considered email marketing. Email marketing is very inexpensive and has a fast turn around and quick results. Permission is also required for email marketing. Here are steps to ensure you get success out of your email marketing campaigns. 
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