Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Being smart with your marketing ensures the success of your business by encouraging new customers to invest, whilst retaining old customers. For many economies, small business is the backbone, this means anyone from that of the corporate world to that of a bakery needs a no-nonsense marketing strategy to secure a greater share of the market.
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The Benefits a CRM System has on Your Business

Implementing a CRM system in your business is valuable for a number of reasons. In the digital era, it is imperative for your business to be up to date, organized and capable of giving your customers the best possible service, minimalizing all forms of mistakes and failures. 
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Time for change?

Change is an important factor of any modern-day business. In today’s fast-paced and dynamic world, one needs to be able to keep up. It is important to embrace change in order to stay relevant and competitive, ultimately leading to growth opportunities for your company.
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What Is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?

Understanding why customer service is important is the first step in delivering exceptional service for your business. Providing memorable client service and support is important for your brand’s reputation, without good customer service, organisations run the risk of losing clients and revenue. 
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The perfect time to clean up your CRM data

How many times have you or a sales rep called a client or lead only to be told "you have the wrong number" or "She doesn't work here anymore"? Have you or your marketing team ever exported a list from BluWave for an email campaign only to see a number of email addresses bouncing and have your campaign produce poor performance results?

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When last did you update your BluWave Password?

Your CRM systems stores personal information of all your customers, prospects and leads. With the POPI expected to come in next year, you need to ensure you protect this data. Although BluWave Software is stored on a secure server, you need to create a strong password to prevent people logging onto your profile to download data. 

Did you know nearly 17% of users use the password “123456” to safeguard their accounts?
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How to Handle Angry Customers

Every company out there will have to deal with an angry customer at some point. Customers get angry for many reasons – some have a genuine reason to be angry and some don’t. Dealing with angry customers can be a nightmare, but there is no way to avoid dealing with them.
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Tips to Improving Your Response Rate.

Email marketing is still really popular and is still really useful. However, many companies don’t achieve a great outcome – their open rates are low and their response rate is even lower, business emails response rate is typically in the low single digits even though companies put in a lot of effort and money into their email campaigns.
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