It's time to clean up your CRM data

How many times have you or a sales rep called a client or lead only to be told "you have the wrong number" or "She doesn't work here anymore"? Have you or your marketing team ever exported a list from BluWave for an email campaign only to see a number of email addresses bouncing and have your campaign produce poor performance results?

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Many SMEs and medium-sized companies are sitting on a huge amount of BIG DATA such as sales activities: face to face meetings, sales calls, emails sent and received, quotes: submitted, won & lost and many other marketing activities. 
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7 Tips to Help You Ace Online Sales Presentations

Due to the current pandemic more and, more companies have opted to do sales presentation via the internet. Presenting online reduces many of the cost and time barriers associated with traditional in-person presentations, while modern conferencing technology makes it possible to deliver all of the benefits.
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Sales Analytics Metrics To Monitor

Each and every sales activity is measurable, and your challenge is often knowing what to track.

With the proliferation of sales software tools like BluWave CRM, you now have more data at your disposal than ever before.

In this article, we’ll help you unlock the power of your sales metrics using sales analytic
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Why Should You Care About Your Existing Customers?

The main priority of sales is to increase revenue.

To do this, they need to sell more, which, in turn, means – they need more clients.

As a result, very often salespeople get so focused on gaining new customers that they neglect their current customer therefore negatively impacting their customer retention.

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8 Key Skills Every Customer Service Rep Needs

The cost of people switching from a company because of poor customer service is worth US$47 billion in South Africa. That alone should be enough to ignite you to improve your customer experience.

Here are the 8 customer service skills that every professional should seek to develop, and every leader should look for when hiring new team members.
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Tips to Improving Your Response Rate.

Email marketing is still really popular and is still really useful. However, many companies don’t achieve a great outcome – their open rates are low and their response rate is even lower, business emails response rate is typically in the low single digits even though companies put in a lot of effort and money into their email campaigns.
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How To Close A Sale: Techniques That Work

Closing a sale is the make or break point in any business. This means that you need to know the right phrases to use in order to close the deal. Closing a sale is a risk, but this is what makes it so thrilling, which is ultimately the reason that drives salespeople to strive for more and more success.
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Work Remotely With BluWave CRM and BluWave Service

And Other Tools & Tips To Help You During This Nationwide Lockdown

With the current Covid-19 pandemic and the announcement of a nationwide lockdown from President Ramaphosa, we have no other option but to work remotely from home. However, this does not mean all business must slow down or come to an end. 
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COVID-19 Notice - Its Business As Usual

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19 and those grappling to come to terms with this new reality. We wanted to reach out to reassure you of the steps we’re taking to limit the spread and effects of the virus. 
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